Saturday, May 5, 2007

After a brief hiatus, I am back!

Finally, after a hiatus lasting some one thousand years, I've decided to disengage my vacation and revisit my once lustrous and prosperous career.

Sure the technology's changed quite a bit, since the middle ages, but I happen to believe that fair citizens such as yourself can use the news just as much as Sir Benign did back in the year 724.

Of course I have gained some weight during my hiatus. I blame it on my affection for the delicious food and drink of this period.

Why the whole thing reminds me of the time in which an ogre fell for our fair princess Faith.

Although a delightful chap, Quiddle wasn't the best looking of the lot. He was not only considered fat and ugly by human standards, but also ugly by Ogre standards. A complete outcast in either society, Quiddle spend most of his days practicing archery and eating fine feasts when after the hunt.

He rarely bathed, and his belly had grown in girth quite to the point of matching him in strength. His beard, wiry and mangled, grew out funny shade, being light in color at the root and a deep dark red at the end. His eyes, however where the thing that kept him from being a part of Ogre society. They where kind looking eyes, with a deep, dark, blue hue.

As it happened, Quiddle was hunting one day when he happened upon our fair maiden of a princess Faith, immediately falling for her after only a few minutes of close but hidden observation.

She was praying of all things, sitting gracefully upon a grassy knoll staring over the small bubbling brook that wound it's way through the forest's oak grove. Quiddle found himself mesmerized almost frozen in time, as he took in the beauty of both her prayers and features.

Quiddle found himself longing to become everything he could to be her best friend, as well as her confidant.

The scenario continued, the unnoticed ogre and the fair princess until early evening when Faith, refreshed and a bit tired, decided to go home.

It was after this that Quiddle looked me up. I was writing of the latest of prince Perribib's affairs of state, specifically of his "Love Affairs" when a somewhat heavy rapping started at my door.

Somewhat exasperated about the short pounding on my door, I opened the door in a muttery mood and found to my surprise Quiddle. It had never occurred to me that there would ever be an Ogre at my door, yet alone, that he'd be knocking. Being so brute fully strong, I suppose that his knock would be quite heavy, even at his most gentle, but he was shaken and obviously upset with himself.

At first I thought myself the latest meal, but when he began to speak to me describing the beauty of something or someone I at the time couldn't comprehend, a small tear streaked down his grime encrusted cheek.

Taken back in my first thoughts, I started to listen closer to what he was trying to say finding it hard to understand the thick heavy accent his Ogre tongue. After inviting him in, putting on a pot of tea, and sitting him down, I ascertained that he was there to become a man of normal stature.

A bit confused as to the notion of an ugly beast of a creature becoming human, I initially refused the help, while looking for some other sort of comfort to him. It was then however that he told me his secret.

“I am not an Ogre as everyone assumes,” he almost pleaded. “I’ve been human since birth, but have always preferred living away this way – that is, until now.”

Completely shocked in my discovery, I began to laugh but quickly caught myself and decided to test his claim.

“Then why do you look like an Ogre?” I asked.

His face seemingly darkened a bit, but then took a rueful look as he admitted that he had always been an outcast by human society and that the other children, most especially young boys, would make fun of him. He then told me of how his parent’s death had pushed him to seek a new residence and how he had found a cave not half a mile from our present location within the forest that had the most beautiful clear rocks he had ever seen, coupled with a golden looking metal.

A small waterfall washed the rocks that it fell from into a pool that ended and began a grassy knoll in which a small shaft of light shown in from above. Butterflies would occasionally land on small tree that flowered there, and he swore that he could almost see the face of his father when he looked into the pool, reflecting back at him.

He loved the place so much that he made it his home, taking with him only his father’s bow and bible, both of which he used every day.

Moved by his story, I examined him closer, immediately finding his eyes to be completely out of place with that of your average Ogre. It was then that I began to see the human features, and the kind and beautiful face hidden by mires of mud and filth. His strength, huge in scale, covered by matted hair and poorly constructed animal skin clothing.

Amazed, I asked his business again in which he reminded me that he wanted to look human. I replied, “But you already are young man, you just need to be cleaned up!”

We started the next day, first by bathing, accompanied by a large sheering of which any sheep sheerer would have been proud to produce. I found him some clothes, they where modest, but the only things I could afford at the time, and within but an hour’s time, a very stout, but good looking man began to emerge.

He needed more however, so I started him on a nutritional diet and for the next 8 months, we studied, exercised, groomed, and cleansed. He was actually a very smart young man with a sharp mind and excellent writing skills.

Needless to say, after just 2 short years since he’d come to me, Quiddle married his love, and the two of them lived very happy lives, starting an orphanage and many other good things.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, he became king. It was soon discovered that his parents where the king and queen of the land sixteen years prior, murdered and ravaged by Lord Perribib, the father of the prince whom I was writing about the day we met.

Both Faith and Quiddle often visited me and my little shanty often just to have some good quality alone time with an honored friend. Eventually, I came to ask how it was that he sought me out as the person to help him out, and he told me of his relationship with Jesus Christ, and how God had told him to come to me.

“It took every ounce of courage I had to come and visit you that day, Scribble,” Quibble stated confidently. “That one visit changed my entire life however, and God has used my experiences to keep me both a humble and kind King, with the wisdom of the Father.”

I ended up accepting Jesus Christ as both my Lord and Savior that day, and have been blessed ever since.

So here I am writing to you, after a long length of time. Today I start my cleansing and renewing, just as Quibble did that day. I may not be as bad as quibble was, but I most certainly need to loose some weight. I’ve got God, my Father helping me, and I just can’t loose.

You’re friendly scribe, Scribble.
* The picture inlcuded with this article reminded me of whom I was back in Quiddle's time. Picture created by

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